About the aging process.


Aging is a summary term for a set of processes, which contribute to health deterioration and ultimately to death with the passage of time (calendar age).

In other words any process, which contributes to age-related decline in performance, productivity and health is a component of the aging process that deserves our attention and intervention.


How to slow down the aging process.

The key to enjoying vibrant youthful health and slowing down the aging process is to initiate a program that will repair or at least slow down the damage being done to your cells! By improving the health of your cells before they replicate you will ensure that your new replacement cells start off life a little bit healthier. As this process is repeated over a period of time the health of your cells and thus your body can be improved markedly.


Anti-aging nutritional supplements.

Grape Seed Extract is one of the most powerful Anti-Oxidants ever discovered. If you are looking for Optimal Health, you should be taking Grape Seed Extract on a daily basis. It has numerous health benefits that dramatically extend your lifespan and improve your quality of life.

Benefit of Grape Seed Extract

  • Strengthens and Repairs Connective Tissue
  • Helps Patients With Multiple Sclerosis
  • Helps Teeth and Gums
  • Reduces Allergic Responses By Minimizing Histamine Production
  • Enhanced Capillary Strength and Vascular Function
  • Reduces Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels
  • Helps Prevent Cancer
  • Strengthens The Immune System
  • Increases Peripheral Circulation, Improving Vision
  • Reduction in Skin Aging and Loss of Elasticity


Resveratrol is a natural component of Vitis vinifera L. (Vitaceae), is abundant in the skin of grapes and in the leaf epidermis and present in wines, especially red wines. It is a polyphenol found in the skin and seeds of grapes, berries, peanuts and other foods.


Royal Jelly Extract is a highly nutritious dietary supplement rich in protein and anti-stress B Vitamins. It can help stimulate the body's metabolism, energy and stamina levels and assist in the management of cholesterol.

This supplement has been taken for a host of ailments. In addition to its use as a general health tonic, people take royal jelly to:

  • Enhance immunity
  • Prevent arthritis and multiple sclerosis
  • Treat asthma
  • Slow the signs of aging
  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Improve sexual performance
  • Reduce symptoms of menopause
  • Accelerating the healing and consolidation of fractured bones
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Alleviate cardiovascular ailments
  • Remedy liver disease, pancreatitis, insomnia, fatigue, ulcers, and digestive and skin disorders
  • Reduce tiredness and overwork, asthenia, anxiety states, insomnia and anorexia.


Sheep Placenta is extracted from the sheep placenta of healthy and fine quality New Zealand sheep. It contains rich amino acid, adhesive polysaccharide, gonadotropin, Vitamin E and B series, ferment (malic acid and hydracid), yolk vitelline, lecithinum, and various minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, etc.


Deer Placenta Capsule ingredients start with fresh placenta cells. Placenta is a rich source of nutrients and growth factors. Our Deer Placenta is extracted from the Deer placenta of healthy and fine quality New Zealand Deer . It contains rich amino acid, adhesive polysaccharide, gonadotropin, Vitamin E and B series, ferment (malic acid and hydracid), yolk vitelline, lecithinum, and various minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, etc. 

Benefits of Deer Placenta Capsules

  • Finer skin texture and improved complexion
  • Smoother, softer and velvety skin
  • Hydrated skin and help reduce lines
  • Enhances skin renewal process
  • Helps to reduce sebum production and less open pores
  • Improvement in blood circulation
  • Assists in burning of excess body fats and firm up body
  • Improved energy and stamina


Squalene Since Squalene prevents cell damage, beautiful, healthy cells are produced. Linked together with lipoproteins, it later forms lipofuscin, an anti-aging substance. It also prevents the formation of harmful lipid peroxide which destroys various kinds of vitamins.


Deer velvet antler is now proving to be one of the most beneficial products in natural medicine. Oriental physicians have regarded it as an essential health, energy and sexual tonic for the past 2000 years. The West is now benefiting from deer velvet antler and its range of natural health properties. 

Benefits of Deer velvet antler

  • Improves Immune System functioning
  • Improves Athletic Performance and Strength
  • Improves Muscle Recovery after exercise
  • Is an excellent natural supplement for Womens Health
  • Provides Vitality and Anti-ageing properties for Seniors
  • Is an alternative natural supplement for Bodybuilding and Weight Training
  • Is a superior source of Growth Factors
  • Enhances Sexual Functioning for both men and women
  • Is a natural supplement for Arthritis and Gout


Colostrum is made from the best quality New Zealand bovine colostrum. it helps support the immune function and growth factors and provides positive effects for health and well being.

Most people benefit from taking cow colostrum as an every day immune system enhancer, but in particular people suffering from Leaky Gut Syndrome, Candida, Stomach Ulcers, Acne, Arthritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis as well as being much in demand by athletes for building muscle. Colostrum contains growth factors that help to slow the aging process in anybody who takes it. It also helps to stimulate wound healing, cartilage and nerve regeneration, which is helpful in cases of Multiple Sclerosis, Guillain Barre Syndrome and its variants.