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    Body Shape is a combination of natural herbs and nutrients that assist with weight management and control of fat metabolism. This synergistic blend of ingredients is beneficial for suppressing appetite, increasing energy levels and providing support for a healthy lifestyle. Body Shape is best taken in conjunction with an exercise regime, balanced calorie-conscious diet and 6 – 8 glasses of water daily.

    Adults – Take 1-3 Body Shape tablets three times daily, one hour before meals, with a glass of water, or as professionally recommended. Body Shape is best used in conjunction with an exercise regime, balanced calorie-conscious diet and 6-8 glasses of water daily.


    Hoodia cactus 2000mg, Brindleberry 2000mg (Providing HCA 300mg),

    Citrus aurantium 1000mg,

    Guarana 200mg,

    Gymnema 125mg,

    Green tea 125mg,

    Ginger 65mg,

    Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 50mg,

    Carnitine Tartrate 50mg,

    Cayenne 25mg,

    5-HTP 5mg,

    Piperine (black pepper extract) 5mg.

    This product contains tableting aids and coating colour. Some herbal extracts used.



    What is Body Shape?


    Hoodia is a succulent plant that looks like a cactus. It is native to the Kalahari
    Desert in the southern tip of Africa, principally in the nations of South Africa
    and Namibia. The San people, native to the Kalahari Desert, have used
    hoodia for millennia to suppress appetite for food and water and to increase

    Brindleberry, also called garcinia and Malabar tamarind, is a little pumpkinshaped
    fruit that has been used as a condiment in dishes such as curry. It
    contains Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), which has a chemical structure similar to
    that of citric acid, the primary acid in citrus fruits.

    Citrus aurantium (CA), commonly known as bitter orange and seville orange,
    is used similarly in a wide variety of traditions. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the
    peel of the immature fruit is used for indigestion, abdominal pain, constipation,
    and dysenteric diarrhoea. CA continues to be widely used for insomnia and
    indigestion in many parts of the world.

    Guarana has been used by the indigenous people of the Amazon rain forest
    as a beverage and a medicine. It was used for diarrhoea, decreasing fatigue,
    reducing hunger, and aiding arthritis.

    Green tea has been used both as a social and a medicinal beverage. Unlike
    black and oolong tea, it is not fermented and thus the active constituents
    remain unaltered in the tea. Traditional Chinese Medicine has recommended
    green tea for headaches, body aches and pains, digestion, depression,
    immune enhancement, detoxification, as an energiser and to prolong life.

    Ginger is highly valued as a spice especially with its warming properties. It
    acts as an antioxidant and has antibAscorbic Acidacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting,
    anti-ulcer and pain-killing properties.



    Avoid taking if pregnant or lactating. Seek professional health advice if taking
    medication, suffering a medical condition (ie. eating disorder) or a child before
    supplementing. This product contains caffeine, which may cause insomnia
    and anxiety in some individuals.


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    In summary, Body Shape is a comprehensive formulation containing various
    herbs and nutrients that are useful for weight management and control of fat
    metabolism. It is particularly helpful for those who wish to suppress their
    appetites and increase their energy levels. Body Shape is an ideal
    supplement that supports a healthy lifestyle.














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Body Shape 60 Tablets

Body Shape 60 Tablets

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