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    Manuka Honey is collected from a plant that is unique to New Zealand - Leptospermum scoparium.
    All Manuka Health MGO™ 550+ Manuka Honey products have been tested by University of Dresden laboratory and certified to have minimum 550 mg/kg of Dietary Methylglyoxal - an active compound responsible for Manuka honey's unique anti-bacterial activity
    What is MGO™ ?

    Unique MGO™ Manuka Honey is collected from a New Zealand plant called Leptospermum scoparium. For quite some time the unique manuka honey anti-bacterial activity was known and measured by a general measurement of its biological effect.
    What was causing the antibacterial activity remained unknown for almost 15 years.

    The discovery came from the research group led by Professor Thomas Henle, University of Dresden (Germany).

    “We unambiguously demonstrate for the first time that Dietary Methylglyoxal is directly responsible for the anti-bacterial activity of manuka honey”

    Manuka Health has introduced a new brand - MGO™ Manuka Honey and measures methylglyoxal content based on standards developed by University of Dresden. For example, MGO™ 100 Manuka Honey is certified to contain at least 100mg/kg of dietary methylglyoxal, the minimum required for health benefits.

    Manuka Health Manuka Honey MGO 550 - 8.8 oz. (0.55 lb) (250g)

    Manuka Health Manuka Honey MGO 550 is labelled based on the minimum Methylglyoxal content (mg/kg) it contains. As Methylglyoxal is the active compound directly responsible for the antibacterial activity of Manuka honey, the higher the Methylglyoxal content of MGO Manuka Honey, the stronger the antibacterial activity.

    Unique to New Zealand MGO Manuka honey is the only 100% natural food in the world shown to have EFFECTIVE and RELIABLE anti-bacterial activity due to the active compound - Dietary Methylglyoxal which forms naturally in the manuka plant.

    What Makes MGO Manuka Honey So Special?
    Manuka Health's research partner research group led by Professor Thomas Henle, University of Dresden (Germany) has made the most revolutionary discovery in the history of manuka honey industry.

    So far MGO™ Manuka honey has been the only food in the world found with such a significant Dietary Methylglyoxal content ranging from 20mg/kg to over 800mg/kg. In contrast all other honeys worldwide tested have ranged between 1 to 10 mg/kg, other foods range from 0 to 50mg/kg with coffee and cocoa being the highest.

    The Precise Standard for Unique Reliable Activity of MGO™ Manuka Honey

    Manuka Health measures methylglyoxal content based on standards developed by University of Dresden. For example, MGO100 Manuka Honey is certified to contain at least 100mg/kg of dietary methylglyoxal, the minimum required for health benefits.

    MGO Manuka honey is suitable for everyday use and can be used as a long-term maintenance dose. It can be taken by eating or application to the skin surface. You will find it has a wonderful taste all of its own and can be enjoyed the same as any other natural honey.

    Health Applications
    Today the health applications for MGO Manuka honey have greatly expanded and new areas are continually emerging. As well as providing the well-known benefits of natural honey against winter ills and chills, the MGO Manuka honeys have even proven effective in supporting good digestive health, wound healing and healthy skin. Demand for MGO Manuka honey as a natural health solution is growing rapidly worldwide.

    The higher the MGO Manuka honey rating the higher the level of anti-bacterial activity in the honey.

    Relation between Non-Peroxide Activity Rating & MGO
    Manuka Health has decided to market its products based on the methylglyoxal content in the honey. For years we have used Non-Peroxide Activity rating (NPA) but the problem is most people have never understood it and therefore not believed in it. Only those who use it have learnt of the benefits. NPA certification system did not identify the compound in the honey responsible for the special anti-bacterial activity of manuka honey. No one did know what it was until very recently when University of Dresden, Germany discovered it was methylglyoxal.

    This has created a wonderful opportunity to convince consumers of the special properties because they relate very quickly to the concept of a compound being responsible for the RELIABLE anti-bacterial activity. Also the measurement of the content can be shown e.g. 100 mg/kg. So Manuka health has trademarked MGO manuka honey worldwide and now shows on its products this information e.g. MGO100 manuka honey is the minimum methylglyoxal content required to kill all the major bacteria. This is equivalent to NPA 10.

    • Active 5+ = MGO 30
    • NPA 10 = MGO 100
    • NPA 15 = MGO 250
    • NPA 20 = MGO 400
    • NPA 25 = MGO 550

    Comparative figures are approximate due to the inaccuracy of the technique used to measure NPA.

    Another major reason why we think introducing MGO manuka honey is great is because there are plenty of fake manuka brands out there. These brands piggy-back on the reputation of manuka honey and the fact consumers cannot distinguish between the sub-brands they see: Active, Bio-active, OMHA etc. Consumers look at the label see "manuka" and a number and then the price. The reality is the amount of methylglyoxal in these honeys is probably around 10 to 25 mg/kgs way below an effective level. However they are priced 50 to 75% of their equivalent NPA product e.g. Active 10 is sometimes 50% price of NPA10. The Active product is growing very quickly but consumers are being misled if they want a health product. By introducing a clear standard with methylglyoxal content consumers can demand to see the amount in the honey and distinguish between health and table honeys.


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MGO™ 550+ Manuka Honey 250g

MGO™ 550+ Manuka Honey 250g

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